Trailer trash

I’m sat here and X Factor is on the TV so I reached over for my tablet and decided to write something instead. Wouldn’t you?

These images are from the area close to my second home. Summer home actually as we have a caravan close to the English East Coast. We’ve closed it up for the winter now and won’t be back until March next year. It’s sad to think that the winter is coming but theres something to look forward to so there’s a glimmer of brightness in the gloomy winter.




There’s and end to the journey

However long a journey there’s always an end. Quite a sobering thought really…


There is definitely and end to this pier. Skegness Pier was a good deal longer back in the day but now ravaged by storms it sadly never reaches much of a climax. In its heyday there was a smart theater at the end catering for the entertainment of the well-to-do seaside holiday makers of the victorian era.

Originally constructed in 1880 a severe storm removed two middle sections leaving the theater stranded on the end in 1978. Despite plans to renovate the pier to its former glory a fire ripped through the stranded theater in 1985 putting plans out of reach.

All things must finally come to end…


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